Spooky Monster Hunter World Autumn Harvest Fest Now Live

Monster Hunter World Autumn Harvest Fest is now live and brings with it a new theme to the Gathering Hub, new gear, food, and new and returning quests.

on September 21, 2018 4:04 PM

Monster Hunter World Autumn Harvest Fest is now live with a new video from Capcom showing off some of the changes and additions coming to the game.

New gear, food, and quests (including some older ones being brought back) will be available thanks to this event which runs from September 21-October 4, 2018 and was announced at the beginning of this month.

The Gathering hub is now fully decorated with a Halloween theme during the Monster Hunter World Autumn Harvest Fest and includes fireworks and discounted prices. Each Daily Login Bonus will reward players with two Lucky Vouchers per day. Daily Limited Bounties and Event Quests will unlock the gear and layered armor pieces so you can put together spooky costumes and masks.  A list of some of the current rotation of Event Quests can be found below:

USJ: Gold Star Treatment and USJ Blazing Azure Stars!
These two quests will get you fancy gear created in collaboration with Universal Studios Japan! Also totally worth taking on these quests just to check out the sizes of Great Jagras and Dodogama…

Where Sun Meets Moon
This quest will unlock a new set of fluffy Dual Blades inspired by the elusive Downy Crakes. Have you caught any for your room yet?

A Royal Pain
Fighting a Rathian and a Pink Rathian at the same time is no joke… but the rewards can be pretty funny. Complete this quest to make Mosswine Mask and Faux Felyne layered armor pieces.

In addition to these, older timed quests such as “Wiggle Me This,” “Egg Lovers United,” the Kulve Taroth Siege, returning Arch-Tempered Elder Dragons, and Behemoth (Extreme) are now available to be taken again. Some of the special collaboration quests are also now available during the Monster Hunter World Autumn Harvest Fest including: Street FighterMega ManDevil May Cry, and Horizon Zero Dawn (PS4 exclusive). You can catch the trailer below, as well as an image gallery showing off some of the new and returning content.

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