Monster Hunter World Commercial By Sony Is Hilarious As Usual

Monster Hunter World Commercial By Sony Is Hilarious As Usual

Densha Otoko star Takayuki Yamada is back as the Japanese face of PlayStation, imitating the monsters of Monster Hunter World in a hilarious ad.

The Japanese arm of Sony Interactive Entertainment certainly knows how to create funny commercials, especially when Densha Otoko star Takayuki Yamada is involved.

Just a couple of weeks ago, the house of PlayStation launched a hilarious ad in which Yamada-san basically coerces his younger colleagues into buying Monster Hunter World to play with him, and today he is back in the same role.

This time around one of his younger colleagues tells him that “Monster Hunter World is super-realistic, isn’t it?” and Yamada-san starts to imitate the iconic monsters from the game.

We get his hilarious impression of Nergigante, Kulu-Ya-Ku, Paolumu, and Diablos, until the film crew finally manages to hunt him down.

You can check the video out below (you have limited time, as Sony tends to remove Yamada-san’s ads after a while, probably for contractual reasons), alongside a making-of.

You can also watch the most recent gameplay from a couple of days ago, and more from earlier today, alongside info about the day one update. We also recently learned that the Rathalos Edition PS4 Pro will launch both in North America and Europe.

Monster Hunter World will release for PS4, Xbox One and PC on January 26th and for PC this fall.