Monster Hunter World Gets First Gameplay Showing Spectacular Hunt and Multiplayer

Monster Hunter World Gets First Gameplay Showing Spectacular Hunt and Multiplayer

Capcom Shows off a first look on Monster Hunter World's gameplay

During a livestreamed event from Japan, Capcom showcased the first actual gameplay of Monster Hunter World.

Introducing the gameplay, producer Ryozo Tsujimoto explained that the subtitle “World” indicates the fact that the game includes the world of Monster Hunter as a fully dynamic one.


We also got the official introductions of the direction roles, with the father of the Monster Hunter series Kaname Fujioka in the role of Executive Director and Art Director, and Yuya Tokuda in the role of Director.

In the gameplay itself, we see the player accepting a quest, which includes a look at the map. As the action begins, we immediately see the concept of the dynamic “world,” with monsters fighting against each other and even eating each other like in a realistic ecosystem with an actual food chain. Knowing this food chain, players can take advantage of it.

After that, we see the scout flies used to track down a monster, that is lured to fight against another as a distraction. Next is riding the monster, trapping it temporarily with vines and attacking it with a dagger.

Again the player lures the target against another, by running away through the seamless world. An explosive barrel is used to destroy a dam, with both the monster and the player washed away, and three more players joining the quest via drop-in multiplayer. While the original hunter used a greatsword, the new ones use a bow, a light bowgun and a hammer.

Finally, the players fast-travel to the camp, where they can change equipment and take a break before restarting the hunt, using the environment and a variety of weapons and tool to attack the original target, that actually tries to run away before collapsing and getting finished by the hunters, not without offering a rather spirited last resistance.

After the gameplay, we get to see the introduction and a few screenshots of the area showcased in the demo, the familiar Ancient Forest, and of the monsters that were included.

We also learn that PlayStation Plus will be needed to play online, as expected.


You can check out the recording below (unfortunately the quality of the stream itself wasn’t the best, you can also see the full stream at the bottom), and if you want to see more, you can enjoy  another  video glimpse on gameplay, the announcement trailer, and some rather lovely screenshots. Recently, we also learned that the game is a full-fledged mainline title of the series and not a spinoff.

Monster Hunter World will release worldwide in early 2018 for PS4, Xbox One and PC.