Monster Hunter World: Iceborne Director Discusses Where the Series Will Go With Next-Gen Consoles

Monster Hunter World: Iceborne Director Kaname Fujioka discusses what Capcom's strategy will be when making a next-gen Monster Hunter.

September 2, 2019

Capcom’s Monster Hunter: World will be expanding later this week with the release of the large Iceborne expansion on PS4 and Xbox One. After its release, players will be sinking their teeth into all of its content for quite a long time. Still, with next generation consoles on the horizon, many are wondering where the Monster Hunter series will go next.

Eurogamer recently asked Director Kaname Fujioka about how he thinks the series will evolve on platforms like the PS5 and Xbox’s Project Scarlett. “For us it’s not as simple as ‘the graphics will look better'” he began. “I think every time a new generation of consoles comes out the hardware has a concept behind it, or a mission statement of what it’s trying to do best.” That being said, Fujioka says he does not have that information yet, so he “wouldn’t be able to say what kind of game we could make” right now.

Still, he did talk about how the industry may become more platform agnostic, so developers will have to adapt. “I would say the way things are looking like they’re going at the moment, we’re increasingly getting into a hardware or platform-agnostic industry, and the game experience is probably going to be available wherever you want it to be in future, so if that was the case and that’s where things are going next-gen, we’d have to think about how to make the gameplay work independent of our assumption that we’re even going to be sitting down to play.” While Capcom may not know exactly how a new Monster Hunter for next-gen consoles will turn out at this time, I’m sure many fans are looking forward to whatever they do.

In the meantime, Iceborne players will still have “great post-launch support for free content” to look forward to. If you have yet to delve into this large game but would like to do so once this expansion releases, you can pre-order Monster Hunter World: Iceborne Master Edition on Amazon. 

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