Monster Hunter World Behind the Scenes Footage Shows Motion Capture

Capcom has released behind the scenes footage of how the Rajang cutscene was created in Monster Hunter World using motion capture technology.

Video games have become more and more incredibly detailed over the years, with motion capture technology being a fine example of creating fluid animations. Capcom’s Monster Hunter World is an example of using this technology, and that’s what we’re seeing in action today, along with a person screaming at a bottle.

Monster Hunter World received a titled update last year called Icebourne, and in the DLC update was a monster named Rajang. This large monster looks like a horny King Kong and features in a dramatic cutscene in which it battles against Kirin, an elder dragon.

Well, the official Monster Hunter Twitter account, which is in Japanese, has released a behind the scenes video that shows you how they captured the motion capture for the action-packed cutscene. And yes, it features the actor furiously grappling with a rolled-up mattress of sorts and then violently ripping a plastic bottle out from the tip. And that’s just the opening scene.

The rest of the video goes on to show the actor using live motion capture technology, to record the fighting, the standing, the huffing, and the puffing, and the roaring. Right up until one of the crew come in and hits them.

Honestly, it’s a fantastic video that gives a great insight into how cutscenes such as this are created. And it never gets boring watching actors performing the T pose. Other video games that have made use of motion capture technology have been Death Stranding, The Last of Us: Part II, and Hellblade: Senua’s Sacrifice to name a few.

Monster Hunter World is available on PS4, Xbox One, and PC. Icebourne is available for all platforms after previously being only available for Xbox One and PS4 until earlier this month when it became available for PC.

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