Monster Hunter World PS4 Pro Resolution vs. Framerate vs. Graphics Mode Screenshot Comparison

Monster Hunter World PS4 Pro Resolution vs. Framerate vs. Graphics Mode Screenshot Comparison

The Monster Hunter World beta features three different graphics modes on PS4 Pro, and now you can see what each looks like.

The beta of Monster Hunter World on PS4 has just gone live and it grants players the ability to choose between three graphics modes on PS4 Pro.

While taking that decision, you’re probably wondering what you’re trading off by picking one option or the other. In order to help, below you can see a few screenshots showcasing all three modes.

In each trio of screenshots, the first shows the “Prioritize Resolution” mode, the second is the “Prioritize Framerate” mode, and the third is “Prioritize Graphics.”

The difference between the resolution and framerate options is pretty obvious, with the former showing more detail and the latter displaying rougher edges for a better framerate (but don’t expect 60 FPS). The level of detail is certainly higher with higher pixel count, and this is especially visible in the abundant vegetation.

Vegetation is also the most visible differentiator for the graphics option, simply because quite a bit more of it is displayed, at the expense of resolution (compared to the prioritize resolution option). It’s easily visible in the wider shots, especially in the distance. Shadows are also slightly more complex.

Another, more subtle difference is visible especially in the wider shot showing the environment in the Wildspire Waste desert area (the last one of the bunch). You’ll notice that the 3D model of the hills is displayed with more complexity with the prioritize graphics option. This means that this option showcases higher-detail LOD models further away than the other two modes.

If you have not started playing yet, you can download the client on the North American and European PlayStation Store. Keep in mind that you need to be a PlayStation Plus subscriber in order to be able to play.