Monster Hunter World PS4 Pro Rathalos Edition Announced for Europe

Monster Hunter World PS4 Pro Rathalos Edition Announced for Europe

European Monster Hunter fans rejoice! The beautiful Rathalos Edition PS4 Pro created for Monster Hunter World will come to the Old Continent.

Remember how you cringed at the idea that the beautiful “Rathalos EditionMonster Hunter World PS4 Pro would be exclusive to Japan?

Well, cringe no more, because it’s coming at least to Europe. While no announcement was made for North America, today the European PlayStaton Blog disclosed that the console will be made available in the Old Continent.

This follows yesterday’s news that revealed that the console would be available in France as an exclusive to the retailer Micromania. This probably means that availability and possible exclusivity deals with retailers are likely to vary from country to country.

The lovely PS4 Pro will just be named “Limited Edition” in the west, but it’s the same “Rathalos Edition” released in Japan, with a one terabyte hard disk drive, the sleek livery showcasing the elder dragon Rathalos, and the beautiful red controller.

Speaking of the controller, no news was shared today about a possible stand-alone release, which is coming for the Japanese market. Differently from  Japan, which got only a download code in the box, European customers will actually receive a physical version of the standard edition of the game.

The console will launch at the same time as the game on January 26th. Monster Hunter World will also be available for Xbox One on the same day, and for PC this fall.

If you want to see more of what it looks like, you can check out some official pictures, and more images of the real thing that I shot myself at Tokyo Game Show. You can also watch the most recent gameplay from yesterday.