Monster Hunter World Is Getting Resident Evil 2 Content

New evidence suggests that Monster Hunter World is the GOAT.

Monster Hunter World is the game that keeps on giving. After release, it received acres upon acres of post-launch content. Devil May Cry-themed quests, Mega Man quests, Street Fighter quests. Heck, even non-Capcom games wanted a piece–we’ve seen the Witcher and Final Fantasy crossover into World. That wasn’t all, though. Capcom recently pushed out an incredible and incredibly dense expansion with Iceborne, and today, they’re throwing another one of their flagship franchises into the mix. Resident Evil 2 is coming to Iceborne, and it’ll be there in November.

The big news, obviously, regards the Claire Redfield and Leon Kennedy costumes. They seem pretty out-of-place in World, but that’s the point. Monster Hunter World has such a unique and weird sense of humor, and the anachronistic absurdity of seeing a police officer fighting an elder dragon is positively wacky. Video games, you know? Where the impossible becomes possible.

Claire sports a unique Long Sword, and Leon totes around a special Heavy Bowgun. Like previous crossover weapons, there seems to be equipped with unique characteristics and animations. For instance, Leon pops off on Odagoron with a machine gun-like flurry that is not stock HBG behavior. It’s awesome.

The real treat of this video the new handler costume. It’s a Tyrant skin. That’s right, Mr. X from the Resident Evil 2 remake will be cooking your food and handling your quest log. Brilliant. I literally laughed out loud at the goofy facial animations he makes in this video. Again–the crossover here may not make much sense, but I love it.

The video also showcases new zombie make-up and a zombie dance animation. Yep–you can now pretend you’re in the “Thriller” video with your friends.

What more needs to be said? Monster Hunter World is clearly the best game of all time. It’s available now on Xbox One, PS4, and PC. The Iceborne expansion is out now for Xbox and PlayStation, and this Resident Evil content will arrive in November. PC users, unfortunately, will have to wait till January for Iceborne. Hopefully, the Resident Evil crossover content will be present at that time.

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