Monster Hunter World’s Spring Update Dated and Detailed; Deviljho Gameplay Revealed

Monster Hunter World’s Spring Update Dated and Detailed; Deviljho Gameplay Revealed

Capcom detailed the free update coming to Monster Hunter World on March 22nd, including the addition of Deviljho and a lot more.

Today Capcom hosted a livestream providing a lot of new information on its massively successful game Monster Hunter World. 

First of all, we learn that the spring update will be released on March 22nd. It will include the addition of Deviljho, the rebalancing of weapons, and several quality of life and gameplay tweaks that will make many hunters happy.

You can find the full update notes and all the weapon tweaks in the gallery at the bottom of the post-

After the update, Deviljho will invade six and seven-star quests and high-level expeditions. Completing an unannounced set of conditions will unlock the special assignment quest for the new monster.

Of course, it will come with its own set of weapons and the two Vangis armor sets.

Another new addition will come on March 16th, and it’s the ability to fully change your character’s  looks. The first ticket for this will be free, but further tickets will have to be purchased.

We’re also getting the first seasonal event in the form of the Spring Blossom Festival, from April 6th to April 19th. It will unlock all the previous event quests, and provide double login tickets. It will also include new weapons, armor, fireworks,  and more.

The weapon design contest winner will also be distributed with an event quest from April 6th to April 20th. April 13th is also the day in which the Mega Man quest will be implemented.

Below you can check out plenty of gameplay showing Deviljho and the Spring Blossom Festival decorations.

Monster Hunter World is currently available for PS4 and Xbox One, with a PC version coming later this year in the fall. If you want to learn more about the game, you can read our review.

We recently learned that the game shipped 7.5 million copies, becoming Capcom’s best selling game ever, and that a collaboration with Devil May Cry is also coming.