Monster Hunter World Gets More Trailers Showing Light, Heavy and Technical Weapons

Monster Hunter World Gets More Trailers Showing Light, Heavy and Technical Weapons

Capcom released a second series of Monster Hunter World weapon trailers with narration, explaining the features of all of the fourteen weapons in the game.

Today Capcom released another series of trailers of Monster Hunter World, once more about the weapons that we’ll get to wield.

As a matter of fact, the footage is the same (besides the intros) as the individual weapons trailers released this morning, but this time around we don’t get any subtitles impairing our view of the gameplay, replaced by a narration introducing every weapons.

The first trailer features light weapons, which include Sword & Shield, Dual Blades, Long Sword and Light Bowgun. The second trailer reveals heavy weapons, which include Great Sword, Hammer, Lance, Gunlance and Heavy Bowgun. The third trailer shows Technical Weapons, including  Switch Axe, Charge Blade, Insect Glaive, Hunting Horn and Bow.

We also get an official description directly from the press release:

“The three videos demonstrate that there’s a vast range of unique weapons for players to choose from, whether they’re new to the hunt or already a seasoned veteran. Each weapon type has a different overall playstyle and characteristics which are showcased in the videos. Swords and blades can be useful in cutting damage and executing fast paced attacks, impact weapons like hammers can cause high damage and stun opponents while ranged weapons such as bowguns allow you to attack beasts from afar. If the hunt is too overwhelming, support style weapons can be very useful such as the hunting horn which plays melodies that provide buffs for the team.

Depending on the type of foe and quest goals, it may prove useful to change gear mid-quest back at base camp. Players are never locked into one weapon type so they should keep different options on hand. Which weapons will you wield for the hunt?”

On top of the videos, we get a Weapon Design contest for both the Americas and the EMEA regions. You basically need to create one original design of a weapon of your choice (within the fourteen weapon types already in the game) and send it alongside a short description to the email included here if you’re in the Americas (North America, Central America, and South America) and this one if you’re in EMEA (Europe, Middle East, Africa and Oceania).

The deadline is at 9:00pm PT on August 16, 2017, and winning entries will be included into the game as actual playable weapons.

You can check out the all the videos below.  If you want to see more, you can also enjoy the full recording of the San Diego Comic Con panel with a ton of info and footage, the announcement trailerthe first screenshots, and some really impressive gameplay.

Monster Hunter World will release in early 2018 for PS4 and Xbox One, with a PC release following afterwards.