New Monster Hunter World Update Will Add Elder Dragon Lunastra

New Monster Hunter World Update Will Add Elder Dragon Lunastra

Lunastra comes back today in Monster Hunter World thanks to a new update that will also add arch-tempered elder dragons for you to fight.

Today Capcom announced that a brand new Monster Hunter World update will bring the elder dragon Lunastra to the game.

Following Deviljho and Kulve Taroth, Lunastra will bring to the blate the ability to fight together with her mate Teostra and deliver devastating joint arracks together with him.

Interestingly, materials carved from Lunastra will resonate with those from other monsters like Bazelgeuse, Nergigante, and Xeno’jiiva, and the folks at the smithy will be able to combine them to unlock special abilities.

On top of that, arch-tempered elder dragons will also appear in the game. The update will come today (May 30th) at 5:00 PM Pacific Time.

Below you can check out a trailer showing Lunastra in action, and a gallery of screenshots showing her gear, on top of arch-tempered Kirin and Vaal Hazak.

In other Monster Hunter news, We recently learned that the game shipped over eight million copies worldwide. Capcom also announced a little while ago that western Switch users are finally going to receive a localization of Monster Hunter XX, with the title Monster Hunter Generations Ultimate.

Monster Hunter World is currently available for PS4 and Xbox One. If you have not purchased it yet, you can grab it on Amazon.

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