Get into the Holiday Spirit with Monster Hunter World’s Winter Star Fest

Get into the Holiday Spirit with Monster Hunter World’s Winter Star Fest

The holidays... a time for giving, sharing special memories with loved ones, and hunting larger than life monsters on cold winter nights.

Nothing gets me riled up for the holidays like shoving my Freeze Blade into the skull of an Anjanath. Capcom has revealed an upcoming Monster Hunter World event known as the “Winter Star Fest.” You can check out a trailer showcasing the winter festival down below.

Like in past events, hunters will be able to accumulate tickets that’ll grant them access to new armor, palico gear, a special weapon, and more. Some limited-time hunts will also be making a return so be sure to complete them if you haven’t already.

Additionally, new dances and food will also be available during the festival. Various NPCs in the hub world are getting a makeover that’s in-line with the holidays.

If you’re a console player and haven’t picked up Monster Hunter World in some time since its launch in January, now would be a great time to gather your friends together on a cold winter evening to really stick it to some monsters. Ah, I love when video games bring people together for the holidays.

The event has already begun and will run until December 18 so hop in while you still have plenty of time to grind. Monster Hunter World launched on PS4 and Xbox back in January — the title also recently came to PC on August 9.