Monster Hunter X Launch in Japan: Many Impatient Hunters Queued Very Early in the Morning for Their Game

on November 28, 2015 4:24 PM

3DS exclusive action RPG game Monster Hunter X released today in Japan. As some of you may know, the franchise is quite popular there and many Japanese started waiting in line from very early in the morning to finally get their hands on their copy of the game.

To celebrate the release, several launch events were organized in both Shibuya and Shinjuku. Shinjuku Station Square was decorated with giant balloons of the heads of  the four flagship monsters: Dinovaldo, Gamuto, Tamamitsune and Raizekusu.

In Shibuya PARCO, hunters could take a picture of themselves wielding a huge sword in front of a big Monster Hunter X visual advertisement. Producer Shintaro Kojima and Director Yasunori Ichinose also showed up at SHIBIYA TSUTAYA wearing shop clerks’ uniforms to greet fans and sign autographs.

While lining up at games’ launch is something that is becoming increasingly rare to see in Japan due to the boom of online sales, it actually does prove the hype around the Monster Hunter series in Japan.

Pictures (courtesy of Famitsu and 4gamer) of the queues and launch events can be seen below.

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