Monster Prom 2: Holiday Season Kickstarter and Demo Goes Live

Monster Prom 2: Holiday Season Kickstarter and Demo Goes Live

The sequel to Monster Prom, Monster Prom 2: Holiday Season, just launched its Kickstarter campaign and released a demo.

A sequel to a much-beloved visual novel is under development, but studio Beautiful Glitch will need some extra help in making Monster Prom 2: Holiday Season. With a Kickstarter campaign now live as of yesterday, the developers have the outline of their entire vision laid out for fans. Not only that, but fans can get a taste of that vision through a demo.

The main bullet point here is that this sequel will have three distinct “adventures.” Basically, Beautiful Glitch is selling the idea of this being three games in one. “Summer Camp,” “Winter Retreat,” and “Roadtrip” are the three components, with the premise of the game having the characters on their vacation.

“Monster Camp” might be the most familiar part of the game, being a dating sim with plenty of NPCs and four love interests. Should the Kickstarter campaign prove to be successful, the game could have up to six love interests, the same number from the original Monster Prom, which launched last year. According to the campaign, this promises to have features like “spreading rumors, smooching with other players, telling imaginative stories… and a bar full of very special mixed drinks. ”

“Monster Retreat” is about “war” rather than love—here, players will have to pick between Team Vera or Team Miranda. There will be a bit more strategy involved in this game, with the player having to recruit allies and learn “strange and powerful techniques.” All of this will culminate in a strategy-based minigame depicting a snowball fight.

Finally, “Monster Roadtrip” will have the characters of Polly and Scott trek across the country, encountering a variety of points of interest including diners and dungeons. Certain stops will be host to special events, and the player can even pick up a number of hitchhikers. The genre that this mode inhabits is the survival genre, with the developers studying on how to incorporate survival mechanics for potential co-operative play.

Potential backers can find all of the details on the Monster Prom 2: Holiday Season Kickstarter campaign page, with plenty of rewards to be revealed soon. Those on PC, Mac, or Linux can check out a demo for the “Monster Camp” portion of the game. The original Monster Prom got a major update back in the summer, and if that and my friends’ cosplays are of any indication, people still do love that game.

Bring on the cute monsters.