Smite x Monstercat Battle Pass - Release Date, Skins, Themes

Prepare for a musical collaboration you weren't expecting!

April 26, 2021

Move over Fortnite, you’re not the only game with a massive musical collaboration anymore. The Smite x Monstercat Battle Pass has just been announced and we’ve got everything you need to know about the new music-themed Battle Pass.

If you haven’t seen it already, make sure you check out the official trailer for the Smite x Monstercat Collaboration below. The trailer showcases some of the awesome new skins and music that will be available in Smite update 8.5.

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Smite x Monstercat Battle Pass

Not a huge amount is known about the upcoming special Monstercat Battle Pass as more details will be revealed in the next Smite 8.5 update show.


However, we do know from the trailer above that various skins such as Hades and Khepri can be seen transforming into new music-themed styles.

That’s not all we know, there will also be new Music Themes that allow players to replace the default Smite soundtrack with some of the best Monstercat tracks instead. You can choose from the following four tracks:

  • Slushii – “Valhalla”
  • Noisestorm – “Crab Rave”
  • Koven – “Give You Up”
  • Sullivan King – “Someone Else”

Players will be able to purchase the new Monstercat Battle Pass on May 18, 2021.

Make sure to tune into the upcoming Smite 8.5 update show to learn more about the new collaboration and what you can expect to see in the new Battle Pass.

Smite 8.5 Update Show

The new Smite update show will take place on Wednesday, April 28 on the official Smite Twitch Channel.

The show will start at 3PM ET | 12PM PT | 8PM BST. The purpose of the Smite update show is to go over all of the upcoming balance changes and cosmetics that will be arriving in-game.

April 28th’s Smite update show will be extra special this month as it will also show off more of the Smite x Monstercat Battle Pass.

Make sure you tune in at the link above so you don’t miss out on the latest Smite news for update 8.5.

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