Monument Valley Suffers from Rampant Piracy on Android and iOS

Monument Valley Suffers from Rampant Piracy on Android and iOS

Mobile developer Ustwo posted on Twitter today a glimpse into its internal data for their hit indie game Monument Valley. Apparently piracy is a major issue for Ida and her puzzle adventures, as “Only 5% of Monument Valley installs on Android are paid for” and only “40% on iOS.”

While the numbers are not nearly as bad as some mobile indie games – such as Gentleman!, where The Verge reported that it sold 144 copies to its 50,000 installs in 2013 – the number is still startling considering that over one million copies of Monument Valley were sold in 2014. Ustwo did clarify that a “small number of those installs are also legitimate” from free giveaways and other methods, and that the data does not include any figures from the Amazon Appstore.


Deciphering the actual number of pirated copies of Monument Valley that are on the two platforms is next to impossible without more information from Ustwo, but it is certainly sad to see one of last year’s bright spots in mobile gaming suffer from the chronic piracy problems that plague mobile devices. While the numbers are surely padded from countries that don’t have full access to store fronts like Google Play to legitimately purchase the game, this example does make a case for developers like Madfinger Games to continue moving titles like Dead Trigger to free-to-play systems to protect their products.

You can purchase Monument Valley now on the Apple App Store, Google Play Store and the Amazon Appstore for $3.99.