Moon Hunters Coming to Xbox One on July 19th

Moon Hunters Coming to Xbox One on July 19th

Unique RPG Moon Hunters from Kitfox Games is coming to Xbox One next month.

Today, Montreal-based developer Kitfox Games — the team behind the upcoming Shrouded Isle — announced thats its 1 to 4 player co-operative personality test RPG, Moon Hunters, is coming to Xbox One on July 19th.

As you may know, Moon Hunters released on PS4, PC, Mac, and Linux last year. The game was first announced via Square Enix Collective back in 2014. It then popped up on Kickstarter later in the same year, looking for $45,000, but raising $178,000. This allowed the game to come to the aforementioned PS4 and enabled online multiplayer.

As mentioned above, the game is a 1 to 4  co-operative personality test RPG. In it you play as a hero over five days, building your legend in an ancient Mesopotamian-inspired world that’s different every time. Your aim is to figure out what happened to the missing mood goddess, show you personality, and create a reputation worthy of legend.

Your actions and decisions eventually grow into your reputation, which changes how the world reacts and remembers you. Each playthrough is said to be less than an hour long, but different every time thanks to randomly a generated world and levels. The game is notably playable both via local co-op and via online co-op.

Additionally the previously PC exclusive Eternal Echoes DLC will be included. As you may know, it features the Snowdancer player character, the One Voice village, and snow biome, as well as new enemies, a new cooking ingredient, and over a dozen new random encounters.

Moon Hunters costs $14.99 USD. Below, you can check out the new trailer: