Moon Quest: Dungeons Dark Will Unite Humans, Vampires and Werewolves

Moon Quest: Dungeons Dark Will Unite Humans, Vampires and Werewolves

Animoca Brands is getting ready to launch their upcoming dungeon crawling role playing game, Moon Quest: Dungeons Dark for free on Android.

This RPG with some online elements, takes place in a fantastical world of vampires, werewolves and other mythical creatures, where players must battle the powers of evil that lurk in the moonlight.

In the game, players will discover the battling tale of three human races: humans, vampires and werewolves who must now set aside their differences to join together to fight the forces of darkness with help from the mysterious Twilight Mother.

Players choose one of the three races to play: humans have adaptability and resourcefulness, vampires are gifted with magical powers, and werewolves have immense physical strength. Each race offers unique classes, skills and capabilities.

Players will travel to various dungeons, delving deep to clear each one from the influence of evil powers. The mix of strategy, skills and weaponry is critical in deciding the outcome of battles, which play out in real-time with action that includes moves like “Dismemberment,” “Lightning Blow,” “Maelstrom,” “The Blizzard” and more.

Set in the world full of haunted dungeons, cursed forests, forgotten temples and other exotic places, the game offers hundreds of quests that allows players to progress deeper into the game. Players can level up their character’s skills in the Training Ground, craft or enhance armor in the Magic Store, craft or enhance weapons at the Blacksmith, buy or sell wares in the Trading Center, and even open their own warehouse in the Fortress. The game also features an Infinite Dungeon, which players can enter once a day to earn points and test their prowess by battling endless waves of enemies.

This game will also feature custom weapons andaccessories, an enhancement system, a multitude of costumes for the player’s character, customized skill settings, hours of quests for both single and multi player mode, an Auction House and the ability to choose from Virtual Stick Contol or Touch Screen Control.