Moon Remix RPG The Dark Souls of Undertale Is Coming to Switch August 27

Moon Remix RPG Adventure will be officially out in English this August on Nintendo Switch, 23 years after its original PS1 Japanese release.

August 3, 2020

Onion Games announced the official localization of Moon Remix RPG Adventure‘s Switch release will be launching August 27, for $18.99 / €15.99 / £14.49. Moon first launched on PS1 on October 16, 1997, and is remembered fondly by those who tried it out. The game’s reputation isn’t exaggerated and I have actual Japanese online friends who’re crazy about it. The Nintendo Switch release was announced back in September 2019, and first launched in Japan in October 2019, for a similar price of 1833 Yen.

Moon follows the trend of many Japanese exclusive classics finally getting localized, on Switch, after decades. An official English page for Moon was opened up as well. Moon Remix RPG Adventure is described as such:

Have you ever played an RPG and wondered…”Why does the ‘hero’ kill thousands of innocent monsters? Why does the ‘hero’ break into homes and steal their items and gold?” Moon is a game that turns those ideas upside down, to see what really happens behind the scenes of your favorite RPG video games.

One night, under the light of a full moon, a young boy is sucked into his TV. He wakes up inside the video game ‘Moon World’. The boy levels up by saving the souls of the monsters killed by Moon World’s so-called ‘hero’, observing the lives of the oddball inhabitants of the world, and gathering their secret love. That’s right, in this game you level up with love, not through battles. “Now, please, open the door…”

Onion Games is most notably made of Moon‘s original developers Yoshiro Kimura and Kazuyuki Kurashima. One of the studio’s previous game is weird shooting game Black Bird.

Personally speaking, I first heard of Moon a few years ago when Yoshiro Kimura appeared on Toco Toco. Kimura mentioned then he mainly worked on the story part and making the clay-like characters of the game. Toco Toco used to run on French culture channel Nolife, which existed from June 2007 to April 2018. I probably wouldn’t be writing here if not for being inspired by Toco Toco’s original journalist Anne Ferrero and all the Nolife team. Toco Toco is still ongoing now as Archipel:

Along with ZUN’s Touhou, Moon is known as one of the biggest inspirations behind Toby Fox’s Undertale.

Needless to say, this story’s title is a joke though. And a pretty funny one in my opinion. I could have tried out “The Madoka Magica of Undertale” but that one was too sarcastic, kinda rude, and would need further explanation for it to be truly understood unless you’ve been regularly watching anime for over 25 years.

Iyane Agossah

Living near Paris, Iyane (He/Him) is the head of Japanese content at DualShockers. He speaks Japanese, has been loving anime and Japanese games for over 25 years and plays Genshin Impact for its story and exploration. You can reach him on Twitter at @A_iyane07.

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