Moonlighter is Heading to Nintendo Switch in November

Moonlighter is Heading to Nintendo Switch in November

11 bit studios' indie action-RPG Moonlighter is officially heading to the Nintendo Switch this fall, allowing players to fight monsters on the go.

Originally released earlier this year, Moonlighter from developer Digital Sun drew attention for its unique spin on the traditional gameplay of action-RPGs, where players manage an item shop during the day and then explore during the nighttime to go through dungeons and take down monsters. Thankfully, those waiting to play the game on the Nintendo Switch won’t have too much longer to wait and take their monster-hunting and shopkeeping on the go.

Publisher 11 bit studios announced that Moonlighter will be coming to the Nintendo Switch in November, narrowing the game’s release for the platform down after previously being announced for the Switch.

We reviewed Moonlighter favorably back when it debuted for consoles and PC this past spring, with our own Jordan Boyd finding its gameplay balance to be a fresh take on action-RPGs:

“If you’ve been looking for your next dungeon crawling fix, I think Moonlighter is an easy recommendation to anybody who’s a fan of the genre. With the addition of merchant simulation, the game manages to stay refreshing throughout.”

Moonlighter is available now on PS4, Xbox One, PC, and Mac, and will be heading to Nintendo Switch in November. For a closer look, you can check out the announcement video for the Switch version’s release window below: