MoonQuest is Now Available After Spending Seven Years in Development

MoonQuest is Now Available After Spending Seven Years in Development

After seven years in development, MoonQuest is available to play, and developer Ben Porter has some tips and tricks on how to best delay making a game.

After seven long years in development, procedurally-generated adventure game MoonQuest is now in Early Access on Steam. Along with a gameplay trailer, the game’s developer shared an article full of totally serious advice on how to take your sweet time when making a game.

MoonQuest is about a wizard whose goal is to illuminate a nocturnal world. He summons a hero to find the fallen moonstones that will power a great moon machine. The game combines roguelike qualities and the exploration of strange new worlds that contain bizarre creatures and plenty of resources to mine or harvest.

Creator Ben Porter also shared some important tips on how best to delay a game in an article published on Medium. Some of his tips include not having a clear idea when starting a game, constantly blogging about said game, and taking on numerous side projects. He emphasizes, “Game development involves many different disciplines and you should definitely try to master all of them.”

Porter began working on a game called Moonman, that eventually became MoonQuest, after quitting his day job seven years ago, so he’s definitely an expert on putting off finishing a game. Despite his best efforts, MoonQuest is available now for PC through Steam and You can check out the gameplay trailer below.