Moons of Madness for Consoles Has Been Delayed

Console gamers will have to wait to see if anyone can hear them screaming in space as Moons of Madness has been delayed for PS4 and Xbox One until March.

January 15, 2020

Moons of Madness has been scaring PC players since October of last year, but if you want to experience the horror on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One, you will have to wait a little longer.

The console port would have come out on January 21, 2020, but has been delayed until March 24. This will allow developers to better optimize the game. Moons of Madness originally released for PC on October 22, 2019, and can be purchased on Steam.

Moons of Madness was developed by Rock Pocket Games who began making mobile games before making the leap to PC. The game is described as being a first-person space exploration horror game with a Lovecraftian twist. A mysterious signal has been received by Orochi scientists who determined that it was of intelligent origin. Fearing the signal would cause hysteria, Orochi management kept it a secret and built a state-of-the-art research outpost called to Invictus so their scientists could work on deciphering the true meaning of the message.

Explore the darker side of Mars as Shane Newhart, a lower level technician stationed at the Invictus whose job is to keep the lights on until a transport ship with a replacement team arrives. Shane is unaware of the existence of the signal but begins to question reality when things get weird such as the security system being placed on lockdown, the flooding of the greenhouse and Martian dust leaking into the infirmary. Shane starts to see and hear things that he can’t explain. Is this a descent into madness because of isolation and paranoia, or a frightful new reality?

Moons of Madness is being published by Funcom and shares their Secret World Legend’s thematic universe and lore. While both games exist in the same universe, it is not a requirement to play one in order to enjoy the other.

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