More Details About Persona 4: The Ultimate Mayonaka Arena's Various Modes

By Chad Awkerman

August 31, 2011

As far as the fighting game, Persona 4: The Ultimate Mayonaka Arena, goes, it should be noted that Atlus actually whet to Arc System Works for this one when they decided it would be a good idea to place our beloved characters in combat with each other. Toshimichi Mori, from Arc System Works, said that they were pretty shocked when the idea was proposed to them from the team at Atlus, because they’re huge fans of the Persona titles, as well.

On one side we have the original team behind the game, and on the other hand we have a great fighting game developer who are fans of the games – The Ultimate Mayonaka Arena is sounding pretty awesome already. Here’s some more details on the various modes.

  • Arcade Mode: In this you’ll fight against the AI and follow a basic version of the story.
  • Story Mode: This includes a deeper version of the story, and won’t be found in arcades, but only on the PS3 and Xbox 360 versions of the game.
  • Score Attack Mode: Exactly what the name says – you battle the AI opponents for the highest score.
  • Vs. Mode: Again, pretty self-explanatory – you fight against an AI opponent or other player.
  • Online Battle: This is the game’s online mode, where you can fight with other players over the PSN or Xbox Live.

Much like other fighting games, each character will have their own stories, and they will all eventually weave together at some point. The game will include characters from both Persona 3 and Persona 4, but be set in Persona 4’s dungeons. You’ll also be able to use your persona in battle.

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