More Details Emerge About Catherine

More Details Emerge About Catherine


In Famitsu‘s Xbox 360-specific spin-off magazine, Atlus revealed some new information about Team Persona‘s upcoming action/horror title Catherine. I assume this will be exactly the same on the PS3 as it is for the Xbox 360, considering they’re just ports of each other, so here’s the deal. It appears that the game will last for approximately 20 hours, which may seem rather short to fans of the Persona titles (who are undoubtedly following the team’s work), but it will have multiple endings. As multiple endings are wont to do, this will extend the play time and add greatly to the game’s replayability.

There will also be several difficulty levels. While it isn’t known if choosing an easier difficulty will impact the story or game overall, besides how difficult it is to get through, if the Persona games are anything to go by, the difficulty will not affect the story in any way.

It seems during this Famitsu 360 interview, the team was asked about an HD Persona game, as well, which naturally was denied a comment. So, does denial mean they are actually working on one? Let’s hope so. I call today opposite day!

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