More Details Emerge on Resident Evil 6

More Details Emerge on Resident Evil 6

At the Resident Evil Anniversary Premier Party yesterday, Capcom unveiled Resident Evil 6 along with a trickle of details that go beyond what its trailer revealed earlier that afternoon.

Capcom executive producer Hiroyuki Kobayashi, producer Yoshiaki Hirabayashi, and director Eiichiro Sasaki stated that the project has been in development for years, and that they are glad to see it finally on its way to store shelves. Resident Evil 6 has the largest staff in the series’ history, including a 150-person core production team as well as an an additional overseas staff of about 450, bringing the grand total of individuals working on the project to over 600.

Kobayashi called the game the “ultimate horror entertainment,” noting that the game capitalizes on the the player’s fear and that the sheer scale of the game will be “overwhelming.” We can expect to turn corners only to have something jump in our faces and find ourselves completely lost in a massive world. Kobayashi promised that zombies would be running to the series with this title, and that this particular brand of undead would have many secrets to uncover.

And it’s not just zombies. The trio shared a picture of a creature called “Javo,” a humanoid-type beast covered in bulbous sores that has some connection to the zombies.

In addition to Leon and Chris, there will be a third playable male character. He remains unnamed, known only as “the man who is told to save the world.”


The story will begin with Leon and Chris in America, where the President of the United States has just been turned into a zombie in a massive bioterrorism attack. Leon, the President’s bodyguard, will be working alongside a woman who has been doing security detail for the President, Helena Harper. At the same time Chris is on detail in China, and his story will progress alongside Leon’s. As for what city in China Chris will be working in, we do not know.

Kobayashi has promised that more details will be released on Resident Evil 6 come March.