More Details of the New South Park RPG Emerge

December 3, 2011

Everyone seems to be excited for the newest game featuring those foul mouthed kids from South Park.  Luckily for us, NeoGAF user flashbandit16 seems to have gotten his copy of GameInformer a bit earlier than the rest of us, and has shared a number of details that make this sound like a game that will finally do the insane world of South Park justice.  Or at least the first game since the first-person shooter for the N64.

We are all aware that it is being made by Obsidian Studios.  As always, this is a good and bad thing.  Assuming they actually have enough time to finish the game, it should prove to be an awesome experience.  Even if they dont, at least the non-combat sections should be fun.  I kid of course, I loved Alpha Protocol and Fallout: New Vegas, so I am actually happy that Obsidian is doing this.  Their writing chops, combined with Trey Parker and Matt Stone should lead to an awesome and hilarious storyline.

However these are details we all already knew.  More to the point, the post reveals that Parker and Stone gave Obsidian 15 years worth of assets to use.  While not totally confirmed, this could mean that there will be cameos from every season of South Park.  Parker really seems to be a gamer, discussing his hatred of unskippable cutscenes and his enjoyment of silent protagonists, so the protagonist will be silent.  As it is Obsidian though, I hope that choices still remain, and he is silent in the way that the protagonist of Dragon Age: Origins and the Persona games are, where they still speak, they just have no voice.

On the gameplay side of things, the game will be running off the Dungeon Siege III engine.  The combat system however is compared to the Paper Mario games, which is instantly awesome in my book.  There are five playable classes in the game, according to flashbandit16 and GameInformer; wizard, paladin, adventurer, rogue and one more class that has not yet been revealed.  The standard classes are great, but I really hope that the unrevealed class is something more unique to South Park.  Similar to the pause menu of the Saints Row games, your menu is a smartphone which “has a facebook-like app show your number of friends you have and your current standing with the various kid factions.”  Obsidian seems to be treating the actual RPG combat as a more traditional RPG than many of their recent games.  For example, enemy encounters will be visible on the map and the combat system appears to be time based.

There are plenty of other things to read about on the NeoGAF post, but I don’t want to list some of them here, as they may be considered spoilers.  So far, it looks like this will be a licensed game that wont suck, and it appears that Matt Stone and Trey Parker really want it to be an enjoyable and funny experience.  I will continue to hold out hope that Obsidian nails this game, as it seems to have a lot of potential.  Then again, I think the fact that it has a dynamic camera angle for a Ro Sham Bo attack that stuns an enemy is pretty much proof that the game is already heading in the right direction.


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