More Details Revealed on the Dragon Age Comics

on November 5, 2011 2:00 PM

Dark Horse and BioWare revealed some tantalizing new details on the Dragon Age comic series that was announced recently at New York Comic Con.  This will be a six part digital comic series written by the lead writer of the Dragon Age games, David Gaider and drawn by Chad Hardin (The Spirit, Web of Spider-Man).

The comic will feature some of the best characters from the Dragon Age series and send them to Antiva, the Spanish influenced land of the Dragon Age universe.  Those who remember their mythology from the first game should remember elven assassin Zevran mentioning that Antiva is practically ruled by Assassins, so that should provide some excitement.  While in Antiva, the comics will delve deeper into the mythology that permeates the world of the games.  As we reported earlier, the comic stars possible king Alistair, Varric the gruff dwarf and the smuggler Isabela.   The press release also hinted that a Witch of the Wilds might be encountered, so fans of the series might find that interesting.

The Comics will be released exclusively at for the very reasonable price of $0.99.  You will have to wait a while, as the Dragon Age comics aren’t set to be released until February 22, 2012.

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