More Information About Dream Drop Distance, Including Some Familiar Faces

on February 20, 2012 10:30 AM

The next installment in one of Square Enix’s most popular franchises will feature more characters we know and love besides Sora and Riku. Axel, Lexaeus, and Zexion will all have parts in the game. Well, at least their Somebodies will. Lea, Ienzo, and Aeleus will all be in Kingdom Hearts 3D: Dream Drop Distance. The three will be found in Radiant Garden, though no word if it will be around the same time period as we saw them in Birth by Sleep.

The Tron series will once again be making an appearance, though this time in the newer Tron: Legacy form. Sam and Kevin Flynn, as well as Quorra have been shown talking with Sora and Riku, and Riku apparently also gets to ride a lightcycle.

We already know Dream Eaters can be unlocked using Ar cards, but today we also learned that a special AR card will be found in theĀ  Dream Drop Distance book, sold separately for about $14 USD (1,150 yen).


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