More Information and Screenshots Revealed for SD Gundam G Generation 3D

By Alexa Ray Corriea

December 13, 2011

This morning Namco Bandai released more information and screenshots on the upcoming title SD Gundam G Generation 3D for the 3DS, slated for release in Japan on December 22.

The company has given us a first look at the game’s EX Stage, which occurs when certain in-game conditions are met. The inclusion of the stage expands gameplay in a way that compliments the heart of the game’s story.

The new System Analysis option allows players to analyze captured units and increase their skills in developing their own. The process isn’t free, of course, and players must pay a fee for the analysis depending on the size of the unit.

The game will include a “Capture the Mobile Suit” campaign in which players can make use of the Shop Code Reader and swap QR codes with other 3DS systems, allowing them to “capture” other players’ units.

Players can also “capture” each others’ AR cards for view in 3D. Once a player reads the AR card of another player, he’ll be able to use that mobile suit in battle; this encourages the exchange of cards and will be a feature included only in the first print of the game.

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You can view the game’s latest screenshots (as well as some pictures of the “Capture the Mobile Suit” mode and AR cards) in the gallery below.


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