More Japan Relief Efforts...LittleBigPlanet Style

By Kyle Durant

March 30, 2011

Media Molecule has joined the Japanese relief efforts by holding their very own auctions. It shouldn’t be terribly hard to figure out what kind of content is up for bids (LBP content) but if you can’t possibly imagine I’ll be more than happy to inform you. Sackboy creator, who was only addressed as Francis, has drawn and framed four pieces of original LittleBigPlanet concept sketches. The artworks are based on developmental ideas from the the world of LBP. They are very original and unique to the point that I agree with Media Molecules’ claims that they are “a piece of gaming history”. As a plus, each framed drawing comes with a special edition of LittleBigPlanet 2 that is signed by the whole Media Molecule team.

Another thing up for grabs is an “in-game crown item for your Sackboy” that is normally obtained through some prestigious event (i.e. competitions, fan loyalties, etc.). So it is safe to say that none of your friends will ever have this in-game item. For more information check the source link below and to get straight to bidding click here. Upon visiting this ebay auction page, many may be put off by the high prices that are well into the 500’s. Just keep in mind that these items, down the line, may be worth more than five times that amount. More importantly, a lot of money will be donated to Japan’s relief program.

[Media Molecule’s Blog]

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