More Juicy Spoilers for Final Fantasy XIII-2

More Juicy Spoilers for Final Fantasy XIII-2

Dengeki Playstation’s latest issue has some interesting information on the cast of Square Enix’s upcoming title Final Fantasy XIII-2.

It seemed like the perfect romance: when last we saw Snow Villers and Serah Farron, the two were planning their wedding. Now Dengeki reveals that after the events of XIII the pair lived together for two years… but as of the beginning of XIII-2 they are still not married. Then our brazen hero gives Serah his engagement necklace (their substitution for rings) and leaves, promising that when he returns it will be with M.I.A. older sister Lightning in tow. Has something changed in their relationship?


Dengeki also offers a little information on Caius, Lightning’s purported rival, naming him as the strongest enemy ever to be encountered in the entire Final Fantasy franchise. We have already been teased that Caius maybe-possibly-kind-of-sort-of can’t die. So on a scale of one to Seymour Guado, how many times are fans going to have to defeat him?

Final Fantasy XIII-2 is slated for release in japan on December 15, North America on January 31, 2012, and Europe on February 3.