More Just Cause 3 Details Revealed on Steam Page; Game Map Will Cover Over 400 Square Miles

on November 11, 2014 7:33 PM

Just Cause 3 was just announced today, but we’ve received a few more tidbits of detail on what to expect in the new sandbox sequel from Avalanche Studios.

After the announcement, the games Steam page surfaced and provided a quick run down of things to expect from the game. Players will be struggling against the dictator General Di Ravello in the Mediterranean republic of Medici. More importantly, you will be covering “over 400 square miles of complete freedom from sky to seabed” during your adventure.

Other small pieces of detail include the confirmation that you will not only have a grappling hook and parachute to zoom about the world, but also a wingsuit to soar through the sky. Weapons will also include “shotguns and missile launchers to tank-busters and air-strikes” to create complete chaos. There is also a brief line that there will be “online community features” included in the game, despite only being listed as a single-player game as of writing. A highly touted mod added multiplayer to the PC version of Just Cause 2 almost  one year ago, so it would be interesting to see the developers incorporate it in the full release this time around.

What do you think of there being a 400 square miles of map and the possible inclusion of some online community features like multiplayer? Let me know in the comments below. Just Cause 3 will be released on PS4, Xbox One and PC at a yet to be determined date in 2015.

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