More Resident Evil Peripherals Coming to E3

Yes, it’s another E3 article, but this isn’t about the latest games – it’s about a new peripheral for the Wii. Anyone with a Wii knows that the accessories are just as important as the games.

Interworks and Capcom have announced an agreement to extend the making the licensing of gaming peripherals for Resident Evil and other brands. Interworks last make the Resident Evil Umbrella Chronicles shot blaster for the Wii. I have this zapper and love it compared to the other Wii zappers.

“InterWorks has come up with some innovative ideas that will enhance the gameplay experience for Capcom gamers,” said Seon King, Senior Director or Licensing at Capcom. “We are excited about the new products and looking forward to hearing the response from gamers.” The next item will be a Resident Evil Chronicles and Resident Evil Umbrella Chronicles Magnum and Knife Kit – which they will be premiering at E3. Glad to hear that there are going to be a lot of exciting accessories for E3, because it’s not just about the games. Let’s be honest, accessories are very profitable for most game companies – since they virtually don’t make anything from the sales of game systems. Being a Wii owner, the peripherals are as fun as the games. Is E3 here yet? What attachments are you guys and gals looking forward to?

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