More Screenshots and Characters Revealed for The Witch and the Hundred Knights

on May 22, 2013 5:22 PM

Nippon Ichi Software has released new screenshots and information for their latest title The Witch and the Hundred Knights. The JRPG will be released for Japan on July 25th and for North America sometime in 2013.

There have been two races revealed for the game, called Fish People and Wing People, who are named for their namesake features. A new witch named Valentine, a powerful grand witch who specializes in flower magic, has also been announced. She is nicknamed the Grandee of Flowers and governs over her own flower territory, which features a “Red Light District.” Another mysterious witch with strong ties to Valentine has been hinted at as well. Finally, we have the Korigon, a rogue like (but adorable) species that has been subdued and is currently under Valentine’s control.

And lastly, new Knights for Metallica to summon have been introduced: Wonder Knight (which is a balanced unit with no weaknesses), Power Fortress (a tank with a powerful attack and strong defenses but weak to magic) and Marginal Gaze (specializes in magic and species specific weaponry).

It’s interesting to see Nippon Ichi coming out with a title like this and between the plot, characters and battle units, it sounds like a recipe for a crazy (but excellent) experience.

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