More Screenshots, Characters and a New Light Shed on the TOi System In XBlaze Code: Embryo

on June 7, 2013 6:27 PM

Arc System Works has finally released new information on XBlaze Code: Embryo–including gameplay screenshots, more character information and an introduction to the mysterious TOi system used in the game. XBlaze Code: Embryo will be coming for Japan on July 25th for PS3 and PS Vita.

We are introduced to several new characters including Soichiro Unomaru, Akira Kamewari, Yuki Himeduru, Ringo Akagi and Els Von Klagen. Soichiro is the director of the Mitsurugi Institute and a very cool and somewhat aloof person–he seems to have a close relationship with Es and because he loves cute things, picks out her outfits. Akira has been living alone since junior high due to his parents working overseas and while he is rich, his bad luck has made him an unfortunate (but handsome) guy. Yuki is a bright and cheerful girl who is like a big sister that others can rely on to support them. Ringo seems to be obsessed with manners and curry (since she works in a curry shop). Finally Els is an emissary for the Madou Association and is polite and serious but not above lying.

The nature of the TOi is also revealed–it stands for “Technology of Interest” and like its name suggests, is an app used by students (and the main character) to aggregate relevant articles and information. However, you will not be able to use the TOi during a cutscene, when the protagonist is not present and during certain flag events. Reading articles from the TOi can cause certain events to occur and can even affect the ending of the game.

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