‘Robot Morphology’ Shooter Morphies Law Coming to Nintendo Switch

‘Robot Morphology’ Shooter Morphies Law Coming to Nintendo Switch

Do you smell what I smell? eSports money.

Today, developer Cosmoscope remerged on the scene, confirming that its unique 3D shooter, Morphies Law, is still in development and still coming to PC. Additionally, now it also coming to the Nintendo Switch.

Neither version has a concrete release date, but the Switch version is apparently poised to hit sometime this winter. Meanwhile the PC version is coming sometime after the Switch version lands: so presumably sometime in 2018.

Tagged as a “robot morphology-drive” 3D shooter, Morphies Law is a unique take on one of the blandest genres in the industry. In the game each weapon hit transfers mass from the victim’s inflicted lim to the corresponding limb of the person who just dealt the damage.

Thus, skilled players become tall and easy to hit, whereas noobs shrink until they become difficult targets. Unlike almost any competitive game, what this allows is for highly-skilled players and casual players to enjoy the same match.

As you would expect, different body sizes require different tactics. For example, a player with long legs can jump on buildings. Meanwhile, small players can hide in tiny holes. Further, the size of every limb has an impact on your abilities and properties. So things like your butt-rocket behavior depends on the size of your lower body. According to Cosmoscope, a successful player will need to adapt to his or her’s changing body

Meanwhile, a successful team will need to build its strategy around the body sizes of its members. In team games the “team avatar” combines the sizes of all team members, and whoever has the tallest avatar, wins. The kick is, while friendly fire does not change your team’s avatar size, it can be used for advanced tactics, like shifting your team mass from one player to the other. Or you can designate an offensive player and shrink him so he’s difficult to hit, and when he grows huge, have your entire team shoot at him to transport his mass. Basically, if used the right way, friendly fire can be a game changer.

Morphies Law will apparently ship with both classic modes like Deathmatch, as well as modes centered around the game’s unique mass-centered gameplay mechanic.

It’s currently unclear how much Morphies Law will cost when it launches, but there is a new trailer, which accompanied today’s news, you can check out: