Morrowind Overhaul Sounds & Graphics 3.0 Released

on October 1, 2012 3:25 PM

It’s finally here. Ornitocopter has released version 3 of its Morrowind Sounds and Graphics Overhaul. The overhaul boasts a myriad of enhancments to one of the most memorable role playing games of all time. If you’ve been looking for a reason to delve back into the world of Morrowind, or if you missed out on the original game, originally released over ten years ago, now is the time to experience what many deem to be Bethesda’s greatest creation. Visit Ornicopter’s website where you’ll find all the relevant material to download and install the overhaul.

Here’s a list of the overhaul’s key features:

  • Graphical enhancements:
    Morrowind was never this good looking! you’ll get to visit Vvardenfell’s exotic cities, huge dungeons and ash-filled lands in a shiny new look. Everything will be 100% coherent with the original graphics ’cause spoiling Morrowind’s atmosphere would be such a crime.
  • Sound enhancements:
    Sometimes people don’t understand the importance of sounds in a video game. Well, sound is VERY important and that’s why we spent as much time searching and wrapping up audio mods as we did for the graphics.
  • Easiest installer ever made:
    Probably you can install this beauty with your eyes closed (if you have transparent eyelids). You just have to bash the left mouse button and you’re done! Basically it’s just like playing an hack ‘n’ slash.
  • Deep Customization:
    With MGSO Options you can choose which mod to install from a fairly big pool. Now easier to understand, this program spares you all that time-wasting and rage-inducing activity which is installing and uninstalling mods. Yeah, you’re welcome!

Also, check out the trailer for the overhaul, in addition to a tutorial demonstrating how to install it correctly.

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