Mortal Kombat Illegal to Even Import in Australia

By Kyle Durant

March 16, 2011

What would you do if you wanted to own a banned game but couldn’t buy it at retail or through a promotion? That’s right…import it. Sadly, the same people who banned Mortal Kombat in Australia, the Australian Classification Board, will order all imports of the games found to be seized. Plus the unlucky person found in any association with a Mortal Kombat import can be fined a considerable amount. At this point I can see the Aussie police raiding houses at random to look for the classic fighting game.

Gamespot recently had a chat with a spokesperson from the Australian Classification Board about the import situation and how it breaches Customs Regulations. Not to mention a possible $110,000 fine as punishment. Yikes! Check the statement made below.

“As Mortal Kombat has been refused classification in Australia, it is considered objectionable material. It is therefore a prohibited good and illegal to import into Australia,” the spokesperson said. “Customs and Border Protection works closely with Attorney General’s Department to identify imported games that are banned in Australia. This includes games purchased over the Internet from foreign websites. Attorney General’s Department regularly updates Customs and Border Protection about classification decisions on publications, films, and computer games, including the reclassification of material, and about different versions of computer games (some of which may be refused classification), and how to identify those versions at the border. This information is then used to assist in identifying and seizing banned versions of games. Any copies of the games detected at the border, including via international mail, will be seized.”

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