Mortal Kombat: Legacy Episode 3: YOU GOT [BLANK]ING CAGED

The third episode of “Mortal Kombat: Legacy” was just released on Youtube last night, and it’s a massive step in the right direction for the series. It’s the moment everyone’s been waiting for: the debut of Johnny “Nutboxer” Cage. Does he live up to my expectations? Hit the jump to find the full episode and my thoughts.

In Episode 3 we’re introduced to Johnny Cage, and unfortunately he’s down on his luck. Once an amazingly popular action star, now he’s a struggling, washed up actor desperately trying to pitch material that’s more mature and gritty to an aging demographic. Things go south when the network execs take one of his “crappy” ideas and pitches it to a sexy young woman; Cage overhears this and goes on a rampage, beating up everyone in sight. That is, until Shang Tsung appears to make him a deal he can’t refuse.

I definitely loved this one more than last week’s ep, and not only because we finally got some testicular torment; in one episode, they’ve managed to develop Johnny Cage as a deeper character than any of the three or four characters from the past couple episodes. Although I’m not sure I like Johnny Cage’s claims as an “ultra-action star”; last I checked, being on Power Rangers does not make you an international icon. Funnily enough, Matt Mullins, the actor that plays Cage, actually was in one of the recent Kamen Rider shows, an American-adapted Japanese martial arts show similar to Power Rangers.

And man, what was up with the heavy censoring? They didn’t bother with it in the past couple eps, but all of a sudden they decide to blank out not only the F-bombs, but the less offensive S-firecrackers, which I’ve heard on television numerous times before. And they just so happen to do it in the episode with more of them than the first two eps combined. I wouldn’t really mind all that much, but the uncensored version’s apparently coming Friday; what the bloody hell is the point of releasing a censored version if you’re going to release an uncensored version mere days later? Who are you protecting here?

Anyway, definitely excited to see what’s next. I hope we get to see the ninjas in the next episode; Sub-Zero and Scorpion potentially look like the hardest characters to pull off, so I’m looking forward to seeing what they do with them.

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