Mortal Kombat Mobile Update 3.3 Patch Notes - Fire God Liu Kang

By Mehrdad Khayyat

July 9, 2021

Mortal Kombat Mobile update 3.3 includes some quality-of-life improvements, new fighter, and new limited-time content.

While Nether Realm Studios is shifting its focus on their next big project, the support from their current titles continues. Recently, Mortal Kombat Mobile received a brand new update with some community demanding additions.

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The new update brings Fire Go Liu Kang straight from Mortal Kombat 11 to Mortal Kombat Mobile. On the other hand, Update 3.3 announces a new limited time Tower along with new Brutalities for Rain and Kitana.

Check out the full details of the new update down below:

Mortal Kombat 11: Aftermath – Official Gameplay Trailer | PS4

Mortal Kombat 11: Aftermath – Official Gameplay Trailer | PS4

Mortal Kombat Mobile Update 3.3


  • Voted by the community as the most wanted character, Fire God Liu Kang is now officially available in Mortal Kombat mobile! Straight from MK11’s story mode, he has the ability to heal himself as the fight goes on by acquiring Dragon Fire whenever he is affected by Fire or applies Fire to an opponent.


  • Introducing the new, limited time only Edenian Tower event starting this July! Fight off bosses like Rain, Kitana, and Jade to earn rewards as you climb to the top.
  • Konquer the Edenian Tower to earn a guaranteed Diamond character with increased chances of Diamond Circle of Shadow Kitana, Ronin Kitana, and MK11 Jade.


  • Rain and Kitana debut their mobile Brutalities in update 3.3!


  • New! Fusion Boost Modifier: Give a boost to your lowest fusion card when you apply the new Fusion Boost Modifier in Faction Wars: Quick Battles!
  • New! Pack Opening System Improvements: The new rewarding and pack opening system introduced in 3.2 allowed us to make more improvements based on your feedback. Enjoy the standard sequence, or instantly skip the entire flow at any stage from the beginning to the last card reveal to get a reward summary.
  • New! Talent Tree Preview and Quick Access: The new Talent Tree Preview allows you to check your opponent’s talent trees in Faction Wars! You can also quickly check your talents before and during the fight to better prepare your team with the new Quick Access feature.


    • Fixed an issue with opponents being able to block follow up attacks after Cyrax Triborg threw a net at them on his Special Attack 1.
    • There was a bug with Strike Force Johnny Cage, Strike Force Scorpion and Strike Force Cassie where every Power Drain they applied to an opponent turned into Power Steal. We fixed that and now only Power Steal on tag-in is applied.
    • Fixed a bug where Day of the Dead Kitana could stack Regeneration effect from her Passive when she killed another opponent while Regeneration from her Passive was active. From now on in these cases Regeneration will be renewed.
    • From now on, Characters affected by Invulnerability are unaffected by DOT damage as well.
  • BUGS
    • Fixed a bug with Event Tower mode where player’s progress was not reset when the Tower was being re-launched.
    • Fixed a bug where Bone Shield from Shinnok’s Teachings Talent could trigger midway during Special Attacks and result in absorbing some damage.
    • Fixed a bug with Hellspawn Scorpion’s Special Attack 1 that dealt damage only once instead of dealing damage twice.
    • Fixed a bug where Kombat Cup Sonya Blade could perform Special Attacks without dealing damage to an opponent if Special Attacks were initiated before her passive “Referee” got triggered.
    • Fixed a bug with Scourge Baraka, whose Special Attack 1 could miss after his extended Combo Ender.
    • Fixed a similar bug with MK11 Scorpion, who could not perform his Special Attack 1 right after one of the Combo Enders.
    • Fixed another similar issue with MK11 Raiden and his Special Attack 2 that could miss if it was performed immediately after one of the Combo Enders.
    • Fixed an issue with MK11 Kabal, who did not fully perform his Special Attack 1 after one of his Combo Enders.
    • Fixed a bug where Assassin Jade remained translucent after evading opponent’s Attack.
    • Fixed a bug where Klassic Goro did not receive Strengthen buff if he KO’ed an opponent with his Special Attack 1.
    • Fixed damage text that was not fully displayed for Klassic Raiden’s Special Attack 2.
    • Fixed a bug that caused massive desync of Jade’s staff while Jade was being slowed.
    • Soulsnake Arms now apply standard Invulnerability effect on Fusion X.
  • UI
    • Fixed a bug with incorrect “New” Special Offer counter in the Store.
    • Made Pack Opening System improvements. There are no more redundant steps, screens, or animations after closing the summary. The entire flow can be skipped at any stage of the sequence.
    • Introduced Talent Tree Preview and Quick Access.
    • The Characters’ Fusion level is now displayed on the battle interfaces.
    • We updated the Glossary with missing and recently added Kombat Effects.
    • Fixed a Faction Wars season refresh issue. For some players, a server maintenance or refresh combined with Faction wars season refresh could result in Characters remaining dead and Equipment remaining broken.
    • Fixed a bug where incorrect opponent Characters could be seen for a few seconds if the player leveled up one of their Character cards in Quick Play Team Select menu.

Mortal Kombat Mobile is now available on Android and iOS devices.

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