Pre-Order Mortal Kombat and get Original Scorpion and...Songs?

Anybody who has walked into a GameStop in the past few weeks has surely noticed the large signs displayed informing potential buyers that if you pre-order Mortal Kombat you would get access to Scorpion’s classic look, and a recent commercial has confirmed this. In addition players pre-ordering at GameStop will get Scorpion’s original fatality as well. There’s a third bonus however that I don’t think anybody knew about, or even considered a possibility.

If you’re a PowerUp Rewards member and you pre-order the game before April 18th and you will receive a free download of three songs inspired by the game.

  • Liu Kang’s Theme – by Congorock
  • Mileena’s Theme – by Tokimonsta
  • Baraka’s Theme – by Run DMT

Yeah. That’ll get the pre-orders flowing in.

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John Colaw

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