Mortal Kombat Tops NPD U.S. Sales

Mortal Kombat Tops NPD U.S. Sales


Yup, the classic fighting game reboot even overcame Portal 2 for the number one spot on NPD’s sales list for April. That also means the nostalgic Pokemon Black/White was unseated as king and even pushed back down to number nine on the list. Mortal Kombat sold shy of just 900,000 units in the month of April while Portal 2 sold around 630,000 units. That’s pretty impressive on NetherRealm’s part (MK developer) since Portal 2 was considered one of the most anticipated games of the year. See the top ten list after the break and keep in mind this is U.S. sales only.

1. Mortal Kombat

2. Portal 2

3. Lego Star Wars III: The Clone Wars

4. Call of Duty: Black Ops

5. Tiger Woods PGA Tour 12: The Masters

6. Crysis 2

7. Just Dance 2

8. Michael Jackson The Experience

9. Pokemon White Version

10. NBA 2K11