Mortal Kombat Welcomes Zombies

It seems zombies are becoming a mainstay in the video game entertainment industry. Why else would a beloved fighting franchise include it in its upcoming game releasing this April? The zombie mode will be “a game mode where you are put up against oncoming zombies and it is your job to defend yourself against the horde.” That’s pretty much the same clear cut zombie attitude right? Wrong! The zombie mode will be a part of another game mode called Challenge Tower. In it, you must complete certain challenges and situations as best as you can. The downside is Challenge Tower has 300 different challenges…so who knows how many of them actually involve zombies. However, who doesn’t want to give a zombie a good ol’ FATALITY!!! Also, be sure to download the Mortal Kombat demo on March 8th, for PS Plus subscribers, and reportedly March 15th for everyone else!

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Kyle Durant

Pretty much your above average gamer who plays games profusely and appreciates them even more. Been gaming since the NES but is in love with anything PlayStation. No I am not a typical fanboy...I appreciate each system for their strengths and recognize their weaknesses. I just love the PS brand. (Think along the lines as someone who likes to read but loves one author in particular). Ever since my time as #2 in the world at Resistance 2, I have taken video games much more seriously. Don't get me wrong, I am a laid back, fun guy to game with...but I always play to win.

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