Yes, Someone Modded Final Fantasy VII's Cloud Into Mortal Shell

Mortal Shell players can walk and carry a big sword with this upcoming mod that adds Final Fantasy VII's Cloud as a playable Shell.

As a title in the tradition of Dark Souls, the recently-released Mortal Shell has a lot in common with other titles in the Soulslike genre while adding its own unique wrinkles and features. While brutally difficult, Mortal Shell‘s key feature is the ability to swap into different “Shells” with their own combat style and ability. Naturally, this feature is letting players get creative with fan mods, including one that lets you hop into the spiky-haired shell of Final Fantasy VII‘s iconic protagonist, Cloud.

An upcoming mod for Mortal Shell (made by Beyonders on Nexus Mods) is set to give players the chance to play through the game as a Shell in the form of Cloud Strife, anime hair and all. While the mod is in a beta stage at the moment, the mod adapts the “Medieval Marine” Shell in the game to look and play like Cloud Strife, and also changes its equipped to look like the iconic Buster Sword. You can check out some gameplay of the mod below:

Mortal Shell debuted for consoles and PC in August, and from our review of the game, it’s an interesting title that will likely feel familiar to fans of the Soulslike genre, but with some interesting twists of its own. Our own managing editor Logan Moore explained that the game is likely to scratch an itch for anyone that likes a challenging Soulslike, even if it might be lacking in presentation and originality.

While the game is available digitally across consoles and PC, it was recently announced by developer Cold Symmetry that a physical release for the game will be coming in October. Alongside having the game on a disc, the physical release will also include some added bonuses like a fold-out poster and a softcover artbook with concept art and illustrations from the making of the game.

Mortal Shell is available now on PS4, Xbox One, and PC.

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