Mortal Shell Looks Incredibly Gorgeous in Its New Trailer

Yesterday's PC Gaming Show revealed a new trailer from the upcoming Souls-like third-person action RPG, Mortal Shell.

The next Dark Souls title doesn’t seem to be launching anytime soon as the developer is working on Elden Ring as a brand new franchise. However, there are a bunch of promising Souls-like games out there that you can’t ignore easily. Mortal Shell is definitely one of the best-looking ones and its new trailer shares more of its gameplay and combat.

Developed by Cold Symmetry, Mortal Shell is a third-person action RPG with a combat style similar to the Dark Souls trilogy. The game is set in a dungeon-like realm where you will have to explore the mortal shells, awaken the defeated warriors, and fight with them to achieve all their knowledge of the world and skills of the combat. The more you grow your connection to a mortal shell, the more you will adapt to its way of fighting in your journey.

In this dark and threatening journey, you will face deadly creatures, fearless giants, and ruthless guards, but there’s no way to path through these threats unless defeating every last one of them. The trailer below will give you a look at the world of Mortal Shell and its different locations and various enemies. Later on, it provides a more detailed look at the combats in the game by showing a full battle between the player and one of the low-level bosses, probably.

As shown in the gameplay video, timing in attack and defense is a key to success in battles. Also, it seems the enemies has a freezing ability, which somehow allows them to deflect your attacks during the freeze time.

Mortal Shell will be released for PS4, Xbox One, and PC in Summer this year. It is worth noting that the PC version of the game will be exclusive to Epic Games Store, at least for one year.

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