Mortal Shell Open Beta Is Now Available on Epic Games Store

Cold Symmetry's Souls-like action Mortal Shell enters Open Beta phase as of today and is available for all PC players on Epic Games Store.

For most of the Dark Souls fans, Mortal Shell is one of the promising indie titles of this year, thanks to its stunning visuals and Souls-like combat mechanics. After receiving some important feedback from the closed beta players, now the game is available for all PC players as it enters the open beta phase.

Originally revealed back in April this year, Mortal Shell is a third-person melee-combat-focused action game that has taken heavy inspiration from the Dark Souls series. As a rookie warrior, you will be exploring a dark world filled with the dead bodies of defeated warriors, called Mortal Shells. Your mission is to discover different shells, summon the dead warriors, defeat them once again, and gain their skills and special abilities. Your combat style and skills will be shaped by the shells and warriors that you decide to awaken. The more shells you explore, the stronger you become.

During the open beta phase, you will get two Mortal Shells to deal with: Tiel and Harros. The purpose of the open beta is to give players a better understanding of combat mechanics. So, don’t expect any story-telling or open-world roaming in this nearly 6-GB version of the game.

Attacks and parries in Mortal Shell require perfect timing and you wouldn’t be able to survive the battles if you don’t calculate your moves during the combat. Below, you can check out gameplay footage of the game if you need more in-depth details about the combat mechanics:

Mortal Shell will be available in Summer this year for PS4, Xbox One, and PC. It’s worth noting that the PC version of the game will be Epic Games Store timed-exclusive, and the Steam edition will arrive in 2021.

You can download the open beta version of the game from its official webpage at Epic Games Store.

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