Mortal Shell Is a New Souls-like Action RPG Coming in Summer 2020

Mortal Shell will take you to a Soulslike realm in which you have to find the stories behind many defeated warriors, who challenge you in different forms.

Miyazaki’s next title, Elden Ring, doesn’t have a release date yet, but a bunch of promising Dark Souls-inspired titles are already in development by different indie studios around the world and Mortal Shell is a good-looking one.

Announced with quite an impressive trailer, Mortal Shell is a non-linear action-RPG in which you’ll be fighting with dozens of giants through the path you choose. As the name implies, you are going to explore many shells in the game and each one of them secures the remains of a defeated warrior, who you should defeat for a second time to gain his combat style, abilities, and weapons.

Mortal Shell is a place for patient players who don’t engage in a battle unless with a precise plan and strategy. Everything should be done in perfect timing or you’ll be long dead. The more you progress in the game, the more you’ll learn about the enemies, the stories behind the shells, and more importantly, the play-style that suits you well.

Set in a dark fantasy world, you will go through scary dungeons in different realms in Mortal Shell. Based on the glimpse we had on its gameplay through the trailer, the game seems to have a beautifully crafted world accompanied by stunning visuals.

Developed by Cold Symmetry, Mortal Shell is coming from a small but veteran team consisting of 15 experienced developers that have already worked on several triple-A titles.

Mortal Shell is set to be released in Q3 2020 for PS4, Xbox One, and PC. It’s not specified yet whether the game will be launching on next-gen platforms or not, but regarding its visuals, it seems the game has the potential to be a cross-gen title, though it might need to have an outstanding performance in sales to convince the publisher to take it to the next-gen consoles.

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