VR Platformer Moss is Getting a Physical Release; Launching Early Next Month

VR Platformer Moss is Getting a Physical Release; Launching Early Next Month

Polyarc, Inc's PlayStation VR exclusive Moss is getting a physical launch next month, 105 days after the game officially launched on the PlayStation Store.

Earlier this year, the colorful VR title Moss launched as an exclusive for Sony’s head-mounted display the PlayStation VR via the PlayStation Store. A few months after its initial launch, it was revealed today that the title would receive a physical release.

This news comes from Amazon, which provided a product listing for the title, this includes a picture of the game’s official box art as well as the product’s release date. According to the product listing on Amazon, a physical copy of Moss will cost $29.99. Of course, those who own the game already will know that this is the same exact price as the game’s digital version, however, those who have yet to pick up Moss and prefer physical games are in luck and will be paying the same price as those who own the digital version.

Developed and published by Polyarc, Inc, Moss is a colorful platformer, that launched in late February. In Moss, players assume the role as the companion of Quill, a young mouse with big ambitions. Together, the duo embarks on an adventure you’ll embark on an epic quest, solve intricate puzzles fight off various enemies and menacing battle enemies as you look for a way to save Quill’s uncle.

Curious to see what the game’s official box art looks like? You can check out a photo of the front cover of the product below this article. As mentioned previously, Moss is available now via the PlayStation Store, while the physical version is slated to launch on June 12 – if you are interested in adding the game to your collection, you can order it now on Amazon.


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