Polyarc’s Moss Announced for PlayStation VR

Polyarc’s Moss Announced for PlayStation VR

Developer Polyarc has revealed its new VR experience Moss for PlayStation VR, with the game's first trailer released during E3 2017.

With the release of PlayStation VR last year, Sony’s debut into virtual reality has allowed players to explore a whole new way of gaming, with several titles on the dock for the coming future having been revealed at E3 2017, including Polyarc’s new adventure, Moss.

During Sony’s press conference at E3 2017, a new trailer was released for Moss, a VR experience from Polyarc coming to PlayStation VR. Featuring whimsical graphics and a vibrant series of environments, Moss looks to be taking players through a magical story of mice and mysticism, marking a unique departure from some of the other titles expected for the platform in the coming year or two.

In particular, the gameplay seems to take inspiration from The Legend of Zelda, as players guide a small mouse named Quill through various puzzles and environments. No release date was revealed or announced at this time from the conference, but hopefully we’ll get to know a little bit more about the game as the time comes. What we’ve seen, however, is already pretty appealing and should make for a colorful VR experience.

Moss will be coming for PS4 and PlayStation VR – in the meantime, you can check out the brand new trailer from E3 2017 below along with several screenshots: