Polyarc’s Adorable VR Game Moss Gets 14 Minutes of New Gameplay Footage

Polyarc’s Adorable VR Game Moss Gets 14 Minutes of New Gameplay Footage

Polyarc Studios' Moss debuts 14 minutes of new gameplay footage and concept art wallpaper while dodging an official release date reveal for PS4.

There is just something infinitely adorable about Quill, the protagonist of developer Polyarc Studios’ PS VR title Moss. Nearly ripped out of Brian Jacques’ Redwall series, the tiny mouse sports an adventurous flair that is “charming as hell.” So there is no one more delighted than us to see a media blitz for Moss today — including mobile stickers, wallpapers, and an in-depth gameplay video.

Debuted as part of Sony’s PlayStation Underground video series, the team takes control of a completely new area of Moss. Everything about it seems enchanting, with some combat and gameplay. As compared to the more flourishing areas of the game, the scenery is routed in a more underground and barren area. You can get the full idea by watching the full gameplay below.

While the trailer is the most substantive part of today’s news blast, it isn’t the only thing Polyarc has in store for the patient fanbase. Along with the trailer, the studio revealed some high-quality concept-art based wallpapers that can be grabbed from Polyarc’s official site. On top of that, there is now an iOS sticker pack for everyone that cares about that (with Android stickers coming soon).

One notably absent portion of today’s media blast was a release date for Moss — something that Polyarc actually acknowledged:

Previously it was revealed that Moss would be getting a February 2018 release window, but with the days counting down for this month there are reasonable questions on whether it will hit that target. Either way, we will keep you updated on any developments. In any event, check out DualShockers interview with Polyarc’s director Tam Armstrong where he discusses storytelling elements in Moss.

As mentioned above, Moss is currently slated for a February 2018 release date on PlayStation VR (via PS4). Check out the brand new 14 minutes of footage, as well as a demonstration of the iOS stickers, below: